Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dq 1 & 2 /time Management -liz

Discussion Question 1I blow over most of my uncommitted age in learning activities as I have to spend five to six hours in the classroom or in the library . The remaining beat is used for unfilled activities as well as in socializing activities . Among unoccupied activities , I spend half(prenominal) duration in sports and half judgment of conviction is consumed for liveing T .V . acculturation activities include confluence with friends and participating in other social and family activities . Mostly weekends atomic number 18 spend in leisure activities . I invite friends to watch a good movie . I also turn in to usher agood book at weekends especially night . On close to weekends , I spend time at partnership value center for volunteer workAlthough I fork out to wangle my time by scheduling and keeping track of my activities barely this is non a habitual formation of mine . Sometime I keep a planner to schedule my activities and trade totality movements but for the most part I go without both planning . But this does non mean that I am a bad time-manager . I spend a specific fare of time for each(prenominal) practise mentioned above on day-after-day foundation but I do not prioritize my goal-related tasks . So I have a short term time-management polity that does not correspond with my long-term activitiesDQ2I prioritize tasks on the creation of their conditional relation and put them in my planer . I indicate their greatness by putting them under right priorities , I do not look for other options and try to do it first gear before scheduling or working on anything else .   m is a professional essay writing service at!    which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I think sight with study with peers groups is a daily task that is put under daily assignments with level 1 me and timeframe for this activity is Wednesday of each weekAxia College MaterialAppendix FTime Management LogName : ____________________________ mean solar day : __________________________Date : __________________________Time Activities Comments /Observations6 :00 a .m 6 :30 a .m 7 :00 a .m 7 :30 a .m 8 :00 a .m .Wake-Up8 :30 a .m .Breakfast aft(prenominal) shower9 :00 a .m . Homework Has a lot to do in domestic sphere9 :30 a .m 10 :00 a .m 10 :30 a .m .Business Communications Core Subject11 :00 a .m 11 :30 a .m 12 :00.m 12 :30.m .Lunch1 :00.m . tarry It refreshes1 :30.m 2 :00.m 2 :30.m 3 :00.m .Sports (recreation )It is a healthy activity3 :30.m 4 :00.m 4 :30.m 5 :00.m 5 :30.m .Study with Peer group It is a good activity and enhances my learning ex perience6 :00.m 6 :30.m .Socializing with friends /Family7 :00.m 7 :30.m 8 :00.m .Dinner8 :30.m .T .V . Watching To keep myself updated with information9 :00.m 9 :30.m .Studying This is a suitable time for study10 :00.m 10 :30...If you loss to get a full essay, holy order it on our website:

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