Wednesday, December 25, 2013


A Handful of Dates Short Story Arguement An arguement on a handful of dates by Tayeb Saleh. Conceitedness, arrogance and self-centeredness result in harm to all aspects of life. A handful of dates portrays two neighbours in which one is jealous. The gramps is jealous of a boy named Masood who is au in that respectforetically rich as he inherits everything his father has without functional for it. The grandpa oversees all aspects of life and focuses on money and land. The granddad accordingly becomes richer as he inherits most of the land. The grandfather then becomes vanity and looks down at Masood as he is a minority, receivable to his financial state, showing his disrespect.Firstly, the grandfather becomes so tyrannical that blush his niece did non same him. The grandfather focused too rafts on money that he spent little or no time with the boy and forgot about his family. The boy in spades liked Masood better because ,his beautiful voice and powerful cheat that r esembled the gurgling of water. My grandfather never used to laugh. This passage shows that his grandfather did non in truth have emotions and pleasant times with the boy. The boy did non have costly memories or thoughts with him. In this case, this shows that money tin control anyone as they will become conceit, as they say they be the best. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
in any case an other time where the contrast in the midst of the grandfather is shown is when Masood meets the grandfather and boy and tells him well be harvesting the dates like a shot s wait on Masood Dont you want to be there? This shows that even Masood did not wan t him to come. Masood does not like the gran! dfather because he sees himself in such a higher(prenominal) priority just because he has lots of financial aid opposed Masood. This shows that conceitedness and self-centeredness can break a companionship or bond.In addition, being arrogant and self-centred can dampen other peoples lives because arrogant people do not have strong emotions as they think they are the best. The grandfather does not think of Masoods financial...If you want to astound a full essay, order it on our website:

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