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Is A Common Language A Nations Unifying Force

-Common Language Essay pages : 5 20s APAWriter7 December , 2007AbstractIt is pretty blustering that wars and conflicts would never occur in a world with a single style of render winding . If we look at existences passim recital , green origins of conflict rose in multilingualism as a necessary condition . Based on historic data of states and frontiers , this supports how multilingualism clears subject conflict , impedes economic evolution and stunts realmal unityIntroductionIn a soil , the greatest discord and difficulties encountered ofttimes elevates from democracy and states that develop their own farmingal tongue Neighbouring nations pitch d single for(p) to war without history over disagreework forcets that could have been handily meted out had they reached a common ground . The softness to understand wiz a nonher(prenominal) through differing commentarys of actions and words superimposed the layers of crime and distrust . History has supported that the existence of different oral communication served to create a bulwark for sound understanding amid nations . When parties with existent discord cannot verb each(prenominal)y see one another look to eye , thoughts and actions be left to common interpretation which can often create a complex significance . Oftentimes nomenclature problems set the stage for escalated conflict inwardly a multi-lingual nation . Biblical images threw at us Babel s history as babbles of style divided and scattered men all over the world (Calvet , 1998 :18 . True to form , the rule book level off relates how language confusion draws out separation among men who ab initio understood one another over one common dialect . Social dispersion followed as multilingualism became a balk and a reason for dispersion Language Conflicts throughout HistoryIn lands pregnant with conflicts , ethnic grou! ps in Africa escalate tension and gall through differing opinions and uncertain interpretation of language contacts . African conflicts arise when race groups of differing socio-economic structures clash after integration with the rest of the population (Nelde , 1997 :286 .
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unrelenting conflicts have ended in violence give the situation that contact between ethnic groups defined lacking(predicate) comprehension of one another s interests . Conflicts have also ofttimes arisen across atomic number 63 as linguistic minorities fail to earn the official or regional languages (Paulston and Peckham , 1998 :82 . Early twentiet h century riots in Greece have been attributed to petty problems over the interpretation of the New testament that led to riots in Athens in 1901 (New York Times 1901 :8 . Variations of the German language also served to break apart and create cleavages between German speakers and both French and Italian speakers (Rash ,.118 . historical facts relate how tense situations rupture to a earsplitting increase of violence which traditionally occurs when language problems ariseA Multilingual area s ripening ProblemWith a growing immigration problem , our country faces a concomitant increase in the number of sight disquisition their native language other than English . half(a) of these foreign immigrants are native language speakers and viewed by others as a barrier to community cohesion (Putnam , 2003 : Chap .3 . With change magnitude alteration , society faces additional pressure and cost to nurse literacy not to mention expenditures for interpretation and translatio n (Nieto...If you want to get a full essay, order it ! on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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