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Running head : PCR AND RCLF VS . MITOCHONDRIAL deoxyribonucleic acid TECHNIQUEDifferentiating PCR and RCLF Techniques from mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid Technique[Your name][University][Professor][Subject]Differentiating PCR and RCLF Techniques from mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid TechniqueRestriction transgress length polymorphism (RFLP ) is a basic technique in analyzing genomic DNA which mint be utilise in rhetorical investigations . It utilizes the restriction enzyme , called restriction endonuclease , which cuts the lengthy DNA chain into fragments storm specific sites on the chain depending on the type of enzyme that is use in the process called restriction digest (U .S . segment of might Office of perception 2008 . Agarose gel electrophoresis is thence employed to separate the components by length an d is then transferred to a tissue layer by Southern blot rule . A pass judgment DNA probe upon hybridization of the membrane then determines the length of the fragments . In transmittable abstract , RFLP is an important phenomenon since it differentiates individuals upon detecting different fragment lengths (allele ) between individuals . This technique requires large amounts of DNA (ExploreDNA 2008PCR on the other hand is a system of DNA getting even , wherein it uses DNA polymerase to amplify regions in DNA that it targets from a guidebook DNA or RNA molecule . short amounts of pattern can be used in the analysis , which is exceedingly applicable in forensic analysis , where it is seeming that only a trace amount of sample can be found as evidence The product to be obtained is of high purity in all the available PCR methods . compare experimental DNAs in association with other results from other PCR methods is then a useful tool in identifying a soul or organi sm . This is composed of three basic stairs ! : denaturation of the genetic cloth , hybridization or annealing , and DNA synthesis using the enzyme mentioned . The product is composed of a concatenation of the certain DNA which already turns out to be single-stranded because of denaturation , positive(p) a strand of the replica (Powledge , ___ ,.
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2There are limitations in the RFLP method that can be addressed by the method called Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA ) analysis . In this method , DNA is obtained from a cellular organelle called the mitochondrion , compared to the PCR and RFLP where the sample needs to have turn cellular material to be extracted . mtDNA is very valuable in solving cases that remained unsolved for so many years , with samples such(prenominal) as hair , bones and teeth , which cannot be canvass through PCR and RFLP since they do not contain nucleated cellular material . An application would be identification of a missing someone through comparison of its mtDNA with the mtDNA of its potential maternal comparative (U .S . section of Energy Office of Science , 2008ReferencesExploreDNA (2008 . RFLP Analysis . Retrieved July 14 , 2008 , from http / entanglement .exploredna .co .uk /rflp-analysis .htmlPowledge , T . M (____ . The Polymerase Chain reception [Electronic Version] , 9 . Retrieved July 14 , 2008 , from http /opa .faseb .org /pdf /The Polymerase Chain Reaction .pdfU .S . Department of Energy Office of Science . DNA Forensics [Electronic (2008 . Version] . Retrieved July 14 , 2008...If you lack to get a total essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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