Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Isaac Velasquez Mr. Hawkins English CP2 5/14/12 Antigones orca or killers The story of Antigone is one of a sister who suicides herself after(prenominal) existence punished for breaking a unjust justice. at that place argon many questions of whose wrongdoing it is that Antigone ended her life? nonwithstanding the fault is non only one person it depends on many. Antigones death depended on many factors, but mostly by the actions or inactions committed by Ismene, Creon, and Antigone herself. Ismenes inaction to refute to the situation she is put through by her sister contributed to Antigones death. For example as Ismene and Antigone argue over whether or not to break the law to bury her brother Ismene admits, Antigone, I am so afraid for you. This shows how her fear of the government and towards Antigones actions and how garbled she is in the situation. If not for this fear she may convey been assailable to change Antigones mind or help her at best. Ismene also states at the end of the argument, Go then, if you feel that you must. You are unwise, But a loyal friend indeed to those who boot the sack you. This shows how she just let Antigone go with off very much of a employment because she feels she cannot change Antigones mind, because of this action of permit Antigone go and not stopping her even by long suit caused Antigone to go towards her testify death.
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If Ismene changed her actions she may slang prevented Antigone from causing her accept death. Creons sense datum of insecurity of his advocator could have caused him to commit the actions that led to Antigones death. As said by Creon after hearing of person b! urying the body which is against his law he analyzes that, No, from the very descent there have been those who have whispered together, Stiff-necked anarchist, putt their heads together scheming against me in alleys. This rumor reveals how Creon being so insecure of his own power from being attacked on may cause future actions that he might commit out of fear and pride. Another statement that reveals more insight on...If you fate to get a near essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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