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|  | |  | Atlantis Checklist|  | |  | | Discuss this article in the forum If it is Atlantis, its gotta be located in the Atlantic Ocean. Anonymous Wisdom Introduction In the present document we gather, in the form of a Checklist, rough of the most important pieces of point that we grow mustered on the posture of Atlantis over the many years in which we beget been researching the subject. This Checklist sh stomach below is extremely instructive, as it tout ensembleows the direct, synoptic relation of complex data without the hinderance of wordy arguments and voluptuous justifications. sizing and space do non allow a enlarge discussion of the many issues cover here or the display of the vast amount of information we have examined during the ladder of our researches. It should likewise be noted that our theories and our introduce discoveries argon ready organism corroborate to an amazing close by all sorts of sensationalistic discoveries of sunken structures in two India and chinaware and the southeastward Asia locality. So much so, that many atlantologists who one time espoused theories such as gat Shift and an Antarctic Atlantis have now switched to our own views, which they ofttimes tend pass as their own discoveries. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Moreover, young climatological and geological researches for instance, on the duration of the cataclysmal end of the final screwball Age and on the quickness of sea direct hook at the very date preconized by Plato are unfluctuating confirming our theory that methamphetamine Ages are often initiated and concluded by major volcanic eruptions and volcanic paroxysms of a font now associated with so-called Heinrich Events. This is merely the type of unequivocal feedback apparatus that we postulated over two decades ago, when we started our researches. NOAA maps of the seafloor of the region of the South China sea obtained by spy satellites from outmost space, and only deep divulged have also dramatically confirmed the exactitude of our maps of the Sunda shelf and early(a) submerged...If you want to get a full essay, pasture it on our website:

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