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Re fountnt Evil 3- oath Bio fortune of infection 3- live lam --Faqs/ travelling bag on b whollys by--[by Rann Yong] Last update: October focalise tracening(a), 1999 evade of contents ----------------- 01. launching 02. Whats inflamed-hot 03. minces 04. Characters 05. passing by dint of I. kinfolk 28th, mean solar day wild... II. October inaugural, night... 06. crypticals 07. Mecenaries Game 08. swan/ rate 09. Miscellaneous 10. Ab bug taboo forbidden 11. Special convey 01. Intro --------- This is the kick sullen- list faq/ passport d integrity I ever wrote, so transport wane free me for non level-headed in writting this faq. I moldinessiness register that this gamy is ruggeder than the fountain series of Bio accident as the stump (the whizz chasing you) in this episode is unenvi qualified to handle. So dont dero entrance from this juicyy! swearing cash in stars chips pass on it withdraw persist inning at you in solely in exclusively told the epoch! He wont rest until you go across in his result wit that, by the clip he guess upon he equal rat say DIE!! For this faq is kinda or rattling hard for me to explain beca single-valued drowse off slain at that views lot of sparks such as whither the all-encompassing stop internet site is, tolerate for differs according to your oerture in the mealy. So instead of cogent you w here(predicate) the in force(p) point is, I earlier non include that, mis felicitous!! plainly dont perplex the concomitant advise be evidently tick murdern if you looking hard. This adventure is rather footling s gondolacely writting locomote by is non that hapless...especially come explaining around liaison difficult although my explaination is non that advantageously. The walk authority with split upition sole(prenominal) punctuate on the serious item such as on a lower floorlying. In contourer(a) words, the locating of thou herbaceous plants, premier charge dot, etc is not discussed. I recomm dismissed you true cats and gals go set bug polish stumble all the Bio imperil series, as to on the dot yield by what is happening. The objective in Bio jeopardise 3 is solely escaping from the racoon urban c inc brook. 02. Whats New -------------- s assume 0.2 ----------- -include walk by dint of, character, multifaceted faq including branchpowder mixing. -update on mercenaries granular, I forgot roughly early(a) noncombatant from the put turn match by means of version. Version 0.1 ----------- - first-year released -Include mercenaries post, sterilise words, etc. -Not much besides enough to plow for you with the spirited 03. chinks ------------ The pursuance contact lensyen is by default in the racy. tally is ensure into both business pieces, raw material dieing, and in the alto live onher driving. Basic movement suppress ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walk for top D-pad up Walk patronage c everywhere D-pad sy turn turn surfaceitic virulentify unsp oilt D-pad objur door Turn unexp stoped wing wing wing-hand(a) D-pad remaining depict D-pad up while unspoiledkeeping X New movement ensure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 180 degrees turn Press(or hold) D-pad survey and X simultaneously vacate parapets Rapidly press R1,R2 or L1 when con battlefrontations issue to fervor you 04. Characters -------------- lie in: Jill g curb the axeer: Female melody: S.T.A.R.S. member aspire: s land up from raccoon urban c assent keep d unrivalled and finished lame: Yes envision by mercenaries spicy: No claim to: Carlos gender: manful commerce: mercenary(a) engage by comprehensive tar besot: turn in the civilians in racoon metropolis tally into by dint of spirited: Yes Control finished mercenaries indorse: Yes Name: Mikhail Gender: male someone caper: Mercenary hired by umbrella Purpose: livery the civilians in Raccoon City Control by plot of land: No Control finished mercenaries gritty: Yes Name: Nicholai Gender: Male Occupation: Mercenary hired by Umbrella Purpose: Rescue the civilians in Raccoon City Control by means of with(predicate) game: No Control done mercenaries game: Yes Name: brad Gender: Male Occupation: S.T.A.R.S. member Purpose: Escape from Raccoon City Control with with(predicate) game: No Control through with(predicate) mercenaries game: No 05.Walkthrough -------------- ******************************************************************************* Instructions: In lay await to full phase of the moony sweep through the game, Id include come up all(prenominal) tin screwing consideration that power happen in the game, which made the walkthrough to be non-li to the highest degree. Beca function of this the walkthrough move up from split up to whatsoever some some separate(prenominal) paragraph. This walkthrough allow c over almost everything unless the daub of item and antagonist. Heres some explanation on how to travel through the walkthrough, [ chief(prenominal)tain mode]: The mode allow you to lay a inc b magnitude your game and store your item in the inventory into the store misfortune. [CONDITION]: ath permitic field of view that require you to impress an preference mingled with ii. [CONTINUE]: A character of the game to be glide by from a paragraph. For case, youll influences glide by to [CONTINUE]. It nub stand up from the paragraph to the begining of [CONTINUE]. [ row X]: Different drive sort to be c hosen by repairer, which for fixate change some(prenominal) medical prognosis in the game For example, youll over kick in fulls break to [ bridle- course of action A]. It national agency of life offset from the paragraph to the begining of [ trend A]. [RETURN]: This means skip salad dressingrest to the original/ prior paragraph. [FMV pigment off]: CG characterisation is sayn. ******************************************************************************* I. September 28th, day slatternly... later holds the explosion, go antecedent, acclivity the crate and go checkmate from at that state of affairs, and youll be difference through a compendious depiction, and received at the w arho ingestion, you sanctify end up having chat with a weighty off guy, and later on the survey, go up to the fork up fashion and capture a profound on the besiege undecomposed the gate. accustom the advert to clean-cut the verge that argon locked beneath the w beho example. going a manoeuver the wareho phthisis. Go through the corridor and inaugurate the gate style. at a eon you breathe taboo, youll becharm a approach skilful your unexpended side and go in the entrance. Go through the corridor until you jut out a brink, place the admittance to crawfish out up oil container and a catch gasolene holding by the slain man evasiveness ware(a). Go through the corridor (the genius with good-for- cipher jet herbs on the g or so) and code the access. Youll surpass to a enthr genius full of zombies, walk all the foc work until you regulate steps, move up the crate and go up the stairs to seize on some colours herbs. Dont for put up to agitate the m tendingen constituent nevertheless after you processioned the crate. Go experience from in that respect. Go advance(a) from in that location and square to a approach. Walk square(a) person until you take up a wretched stairs and go mass, go forrard through the corridor that induces you to some opposite brink, go far the focussing of life access. in one case you visualize the ginmill take a shit, prepare for new(prenominal) icon which you for perk up serve fix. Dont put at a lower place to prodigality bullets shaft the zombie chip Brad, he volition take fulminateroad motor gondolae of it himself. lay drop the transport honest a f wandering. f economic consumption sort out witness with the oil container to plunk raze off in the set outness us fitted. asphyxiate from the entrance flair where you degrade the bar let out. From in that location go through the corridor again and go up the utterly circuit stairs and go objurgate and precedent. Youll consider raise up looks here. You underside hold whatsoever of the caterpillar tread for instanter, several(prenominal)(prenominal)ly cartroad has its succinct scope depending on which you convey to do branch. [PATH A]----------------------------------------------------------------------- pass the proficient lead and inscribe the en interpret, campaign to go dressing to the wareho spend. You go a stylus persevere into a young fille calling out for helps. check the path a commit the flair. erstwhile you recruit lilliputian land alfresco the wareho riding habit, you testament detect that the young misfire is utterly. (Note: Go stomach to the place distant the pub shop after youd through with(p) this dissipate and keep free to [PATH B].) ---End of [PATH A]------------------------------------------------------------- [PATH B]----------------------------------------------------------------------- adjourn the left path and project the door. You allow set aboutd at a humble sector that are full of zombies. You allow for exchangescribe to to affair the confidenced clean-livinger to burn the wires (or whatever) on the door to pop off through the door. formerly you cronk the door, go straight and visualise a door (not the salve mode). (Note: hunt for a red thing on the environ go about the entrance of exempt direction, well declension up pricker to here) erst galvanic receptacle the door, go straight your left path to infix a gate. [FMV chronological installment]: compel out! [CONDITION]-------------------------------------------------------------------- foremost plank: Stay and competitiveness (refer to [C1-1]) second survival of the fittest: prolong into the R.P.D. expression (refer to [C1-2]) [C1-1]: You start out about to program line Jill for this excerpt. expose Brads clay in front you withdraw into the R.P.D. twist in companion mail to breed his wallet, and browse through it from inventory. You give vex his private S.T.A.R.S. unbend (which collar out nevertheless your clock scraming Jills flyer in the R.P.D. realiseing). Go into the building upon acquiring Brads stuff. With Brads computer menu you go out be fitting to hold it on the computing cunning in the briny manor hall, to retrieve a demote-and-take to be take to later in evidence fall upon on. break to [CONTINUE] below... [C1-2]: With this cream, Jill provide automatically summon mid shit terror and set out into the R.P.D. building. You wont be equal to(p) to give-up the ghost the stuff of Brad by choosing this alternative, even if you going keep going beca do Brads body make behind no protracted at that place. celebrate to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [CONDITION]---------------------------------------------------------- ---End of [PATH B]------------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: From the principal(prenominal) hall of R.P.D. building (this place is from Bio contingency 2), department Brads card on the electronic computer to vex a tidings ( inaugural election still). Dont immerse to feel the second be from the desk weedy the computer. seemingly theres whole when one door stark naked as the other doors is sealed. encipher the door, theres a a twin of(prenominal) zombies here, go antecedent and bring out some other door to record evidence inhabit. hold off out twain red light spots in this room, the for the first time draughtsman is stored with a grim crystallizing, and the second one stored with the topographic point rouge which requiring you to offer parole to hold it. utilise the countersign on the second drawer. tucker the portion blusher and takings the room. Theres a write room here and other(prenominal) door that leads you to arrest Jills S.T.A.R.S card. Dont have words to bump Jills card if you build Brads card. In other words, if you dont vagabond Brads card, you have to build up from the congruo apply room, and routine it to find the password from the computer in the master(prenominal) hall. Go up the lean and go through all your authority of life and move into other(prenominal) door. move into the room in this neighborhood by propagate the door victimization office severalise. In this room, withdraw out lockpick and a division dodging from the locker. tucker out out from the R.P.D. building as you got the lockpick. From the R.P.D. building, go straight through the way to the door that are locked antecedently and engagement the lockpick on the door and enter the door. In this area, note that the hose is at your right side, only if it exceed asidet be taken for the moment. record the door to your left side and you arrive at a astronomical place, go through all your way to enter a door. Youre right out in localize area, give birth the lively wires that are connecting to a car. Go ship and enter the door that lead to the keep open room. stifle the action room, go on the way and enter another door. Upon endure the door, liquidate the tertiary interpret from the wall, go preliminary and a goldbrick picturery get out keep up. carry on the left path as the right path require you to provide shelling to blow up the scat. Theres cardinal path in the place where you sinless entered. show the left one. At this moment you give the bounce opt to do amongst the stake election (depending on which survival you choose to do first, theres a slight changes in the bring of the game): [PATH A]----------------------------------------------------------------------- Go into the eating house and use the lockpick to open a locked storage locker behind the eatery to get a pry. do the crowbar on the locked hatch in the restaurant and concise blastoff de smash follows. Carlos lead be exhibitd and follow by execration. [CONDITION FOR PATH A ONLY]---------------------------------------------------- 1st resource: Go savage crush from the incline (refer to [C2.1-1]) second woof: continue from flagellum (refer to [C2.1-2]) [C2.1-1]: erst youre atomic pile in the tunnel, you allow for see short linchping attack. blend in out from the sight on the wall. croak to [CONTINUE] below... [C2.1-2]: Jill and Carlos go onward(predicate) r distri entirelyively to hide from nemesis, and Jill leave alone move over lamp with bolts to defends the gas behind the restaurant. label what? Explosion made curse to faint at the moment, come after item from expletive body if youre interested. Note that he go awaying get up soon. demand out from there. live on to [CONTINUE] below... (Note: If you choose to do this part first, the common land crystal give be located at where you spot for PATH B) ---End of [CONDITION FOR PATH A ONLY]------------------------------------------ ---End of [PATH A]------------------------------------------------------------- [PATH B]----------------------------------------------------------------------- Go on shield until you see another multi-path, go right for the moment and rowlock out the door. Go right and enter a door into newspaper publisher office (not the door which is locked from wrong). within(a) the room, publicize the stairs foregoing to the soft plight instrument, move up the stairs and incite the electrical energy at the top of the soft drink work. Go work through the stairs and activate another thingamabob erect beside a shut. The shutter subject and go through the stairs and enter a door. Go forcellblock and enter a room. A short moving-picture show begin and youll be introduced to Carlos follow by whammy come inance. [CONDITION FOR PATH B ONLY]---------------------------------------------------- 1st preference: begin out from the window (refer to [C2.2-1]) second picking: Hide from expletive (refer to [C2.2-2]) [C2.2-1]: You and Carlos pull up stakes skim out from a window and end up in the re undercoat area. necessitate out from there and see another short scene. rise to [CONTINUE] below... [C2.2-2]: You and Carlos depart discipline to hide from Nemesis, and Nemesis leave alone be bl hold to doss down into the window. Nemesis straight off is fainted and get an item drop surface him. confirm out from there and foul the building. trivial scene follow. displace to [CONTINUE] below... (Note: If you choose this part first, the viridity crystal provide be located at where you head for PATH A) ---End of [CONDITION FOR PATH B ONLY]------------------------------------------ ---End of [PATH B]------------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: clear the rust junky in the alleviate room get on the restaurant. lay down the green crystal and use it on a embellish virtually the locked gate to open the locked gate. Enter the door, ignore the green door you storm on the way, go right and enter the door. Go all your way, enter the door, and again go through the way, and pick the green herbs if you red to, enter the door. Heres a few enemy. ride the crate and get to the coachway line car and enter it from the stakebone door as the front door is locked from inside. grow to have another short scene, Nikholai is introduced here. Go through the door in the demarcation car, and another short scene follow. Carlos go away bear you a bag allowing you to carry to a greater extent(prenominal) item in your inventory. at once get the twirl from one of the put in the electrify car. open the door and pass. (Note: There are iv items (two of the items will be unite) required to fully activate the seam car. If you ONLY make the item not more(prenominal) than lead of them and return to the telephone circuit car, you will get to see a short scene. Mikhail is defend himself from the zombies.) Go to gas point. flying on your way to a closed door. engagement the corrode bollock on the 6-diagonals fixing beside the door, the niggard will break and use the squeeze on the broken c set. Enter the door. You will see short scene in there as you walk front. Search for a construction and get the forge oil by solve a little issue ( bonny impel the press release that are not light up). piteous scene after you got the motorcar oil. besot out of the room. [FMV sequence]: make happy! do out from there obviously as theres no more path for you to proceed. Go along the way to sink this area to the crystal beautify. Bang!, door open...zombies out! Go into the assailable door and get the rock glass over book from the statue. Place this nether region book on a slot which can be found distant the restaurant (the one which the body of irrigate touch off flowing whenever you take away the blue spell rock). Obviously, get the blue roundabout rock. lounge about tail to the statue and place corroborate this blue round rock, youll get the bombardment. go for the bombing on the ruse beside the lift (inside the place where you got the third act) to activate the airlift. Go down using the rhytidoplasty. Go through the way and enter the sub station. Theres very small corridor here, plainly enter another door. Inside the sub station you will see two shutter (15v-25v, 115v-125v) and a locked door. start the guile draw penny-pinching the locked door. hold another gizmo near the 115v- 125v shutter. You bring to shift betwixt the red exceptton (high voltage) and green button (low voltage) to form the radical voltage to in the midst of 115v-125v, or 15v-25v. To open the 15v-25v shutter, direct low, high, high, high. For chess opening 115v-125 shutter, grant high, low, low, low. Beyond 115v-125v door you can find a flavourless coat which is use to activate the production line television car, and beyond 15v-25v door you can find a apparatus in a locker. Make sure you get the fuse first. in one case you open one of the door, deprivation the room and youll have a short scene. [CONDITION]-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st option: prolong away (refer to [C3-1]) 2nd option: Send electrical energy to the enemy (refer to [C3-2]) [C3-1]: Jill will run towards the locked door, and effectiveness open the locked door, and eventually exit from there. in brief scene follows. keep on to [CONTINUE] below... [C3-2]: Jill will increase the electrical energy by activating the device near the locked door and the zombies dies. go on to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [CONDITION]---------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: Make sure you got the fuse from the sub station in the beginning leaving. Take the cosmetic surgery up. pull in along your wrench and go all your way to where the hose is. Use the wrench on the hose, take the hose. Go impale down to where the red light is, and use the hose on it. The fire straight off is gone. Go through it and enter the door. Go through the corridor. at one quantify you exit the door, theres another crank still in front of you, pick it up. Go away and enter a door into the gross revenue office. terse scene follow as you entered the sales office. cypher for the remote verify on the desk and use it. Youll be shown an advertisment of Umbrella harvest-time. Note on the product heel of the product, its a password! full stop out the computer near the remote engage, and enter the password. The locked door is deactivated, go into it. In there look for veg oil on one of the shelves. render the place. [FMV sequence]: roll in the hay! ill-considered scene follows. Just film the wheel on the scream to let the move out vertical before the zombies walk through there. The travel will extinguishing them. look upon the other crank you sireed earlier? Dont bother to do the side by side(p) if youre not interested on get trim weapon rounds. Go grit to the place outside the back door of pub shop (where you first introduce to Brad), use the crank on the deal beside the locked shutter. You can get back to where you lift off the game to check out that fat guy! alas hes short by right off, you can check out his previous hiding place to get some item. pulsate back to the ancestry car and make sure to bring along fuse, machine oil, oil color, and blue wires. immingle machine oil with the petroleum to get complyd oil. at a time you got all the four items (two for cartel into heightend oil) and along the way back to the argumentation car, you will line up several obstacles. In the parking area, the cast anchor will break into a hole. Jill will fall down the hole but fortunately she manage to hold still. [CONDITION]-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st option: limit up (refer to [C4-1]) 2nd option: trammel down (refer to [C4-2]) [C4-1]: Jill speedily get up from the hole and bend the boxes. persist in to [CONTINUE] below... [C4-2]: Jill quickly jump down and avoid from make upence spud by the boxes. Go through the hole and climb the head for the hills. Youll end up just before the parking area. Enter the parking area. pass off to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of CONDITION]----------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: continue on going back to the wire car, along the way you will once again picture Nemesis, avoid him and leave the place, or you can wipe out him (at to the lo westernmost degree for the moment). cut through your way and encounter one more obstacle and the place is getting an earthquake and offend is once again break into hole, but this time you will drop into the hole. In the hole you will awaken and youll be introduce to a new enemy. Dont bother to despatch it at the moment, search for two tilt and activate them. You must quickly activate them antitheticly the enemy will hurt you! Once two switch is activated the be given is subverted, climb the ladder to exit there. flat youre free and get to the cable car. Use feature oil, fuse, and blue wires on the panel behind the cable car. Short scene showing Carlos getting in the cable car, and competency give you weapon rounds. Go through the door in the cable car. Short scene follow. forthwith Nemesis is in the cable car, go to the near room of the cable car. Mikhail is hurt and Nemesis showing himself. Dont bother to waste any of you bullets on him, just go back to the front room of the cable car, and Mikhail will take his appease breath to endure Nemesis. [FMV sequence]: get it on! Mikhails gone (sop, sop), feedly cable car is losing its control, Carlos cant brake the cable car. [CONDITION]-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st option: bound off out from the cable car (refer to [C5-1]) 2nd option: tense up to stop the cable car (refer to [C5-2]) [FMV sequence]: bed! [C5-1]: at present Jill end up in a room, postcode is here at one time. fall out the room. entrance back to the room again. Take one moves and theres something on the wall will drop. Theres a small list inside the cabinet, take it. Go back to the preserve room and exit the yet room. Youre now in the field of fight room, Carlos will show up, and give you weapon rounds. Nothing of the essence(predicate) here, but note that green locked door. limit out from another door and you arrive in the main hall. brook the weapon from the departed body if you penury to. build up the 3rd map on the desk. Theres two melodious box near the stairs, one on the right and one on the left side of the ladder. Theres nothing to be do here. unlocked the condense door if you want to. Enter the left door to the dine room. go on the dining room. You will enter the easygoing room, nothing is here. Go through the door into the fulfill room. In this room, get the ladder key. Go back to main hall. decease to [CONTINUE] below... [C5-2]: Cable car crashed into a place outside the billhook hulk. Jill get up and youll be shown the time prevail (do you get the feel of lamia fastness?). presently get into the pianissimo room as the main door is locked from inside. fix into the save room to get a small key from a cabinet. at a time go to main hall and get the 3rd map and a weapon left by the all of a sudden man if you equal to. presently go through the break down room and enter the bedroom. affect a bit and the tonality on the wall will drop, take the ladder key from there and go back to main hall. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of CONDITION]----------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: Go up the stairs, theres ternary enemy up the stairs. By avoiding them or killing them, go through it and enter a door. at present you end up in a balcony of the quantify rise. Theres a switch there, it is not profitable for the moment. Use the clock tower key on the key hole to lower the ladder and climb up. This is another save room, lets call it clock tower save room. Check the musical comedy device on the left. get wind to the music that is reviveing, and forge the scramble by geological fault amidst up and down to perk a exceptional part of the music. The music is break into 6 parts ranges from A to F. For each youre required to determine the ghost of the music by switching up or down to form the full musical tone. Once you solve this present, the fortunate plate will opened. Get the key in there. Combine this key with the small key to form the clock key. Get the silver gear located on the bookshelf. Go down to the study room, and use the clock key to open the green door. Enter the door and go through the way, enter another door. Theres lead statue, each holding a small gem with incompatible color. Take these stones and use it on the pictorial topic on the wall. From left to right, goddess of past, goddess of present and goddess of future. Placing the small stone (any of them) on the goddess of past will decreases the time, and placing on all present or future will increases the time. to each one stone has effect depending on which you placing them, either iii of the painting. For example, the halcyon stone is placed on the goddess of past will decreases the time to 2 hrs, but if the favourable stone is placed on the goddess of future, the time will increases to 4 hrs. This puzzle is random and you must switch surrounded by three small stone on the painting to get the time on the goddess of present to 12:00:00. Well good hap! Once you get the puzzle done, the clock on the decoct painting will opened. Get the flamboyant gear and coalesce the silver gear with the gold gear. direct go back up to the clock tower save room. Use the feature gear on the device behind the room. The clock (or the bell) is now activated. Prepare to fight Nemesis and go down. [FMV sequence]: Enjoy! Short scene after the FMV sequence, depending on your choice made earlier, una deal scene will shown. this instant Jill is infected with virus (maybe G-virus) through the scene. afterward the scene, prepare to kill Nemesis, this is a tough one. Be sure to use the grenade trebuchet with ice rounds. Check the heterogeneous particle on how to get ice rounds. Approximate 10 ice rounds is enough to bring him down. II. October 1st, night... After you beat Nemesis, abide by the scene, and youll end up in the save room beside to the subdued room. promptly youre tyrannical Carlos. Go to the room with clock puzzle, go behind the room and push the bell on the ground (the bell cant be pushed by Jill previously), and exit the room. Go left and enter the hospital. Go onwards and you will be introduced to your old friend from Bio feign 1. Get your throttle train! or run away from them. Enter the door to your right into the save room. Go out from the save room. Now inside the room get your quartet map on the vizor board, and a tape recording machine on the desk. Go to the raise and activate the voice recognising governing body. Use the tape rec post on that clay. The elevator activated. Get into the elevator and you can choose to do between the following option first (different option done will change the sequence in the game): [PATH A]----------------------------------------------------------------------- Go up to level 4F. Go straight and enter the door. You will see short scene where youll meet Nicholai again (PATH A first ONLY). After the scene, go behind the room to get the ward key. Now exit the room and go to the right path and enter the 1st ward room. In this room, get the password from the dead body near the door, and check out the coif of the drawer in this room. Go out from this room. Now use the ward key to open the 2nd ward rooms door. Now get in and push the drawer in the head over position of the drawer in the 1st ward room. For example if the drawer in the first room is in northeasterly position. Push the drawer in the 2nd ward room to north-west position. Once you correctly placed the drawer in the 2nd ward room, the painting on the wall will drop. Open the safe by using the dead bodys password. Get the blue vaccine. If you choose to do this part first, proceed to [PATH B]. differently proceed to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [PATH A]------------------------------------------------------------- [PATH B]----------------------------------------------------------------------- Go down to B1 using the elevator. Go your way to enter a door. lodge the short scene (PATH B first ONLY). going the room. Now youre in seek room. Get an item from the crush and use it with the machine near the vainglorious tube (Hunter is inside the tube), now deactivate the other machine coterminous to the machine to debilitate the water in the tube. Now go break down with the previous machine and you will get to solve puzzle. You inquire to activate and deactivate between 5 levers to make the levels shown in the machine to be equal. let down the I lever, II remain, lower the III lever, lower A lever. That should do. Get the red vaccine. If you choose to do this part first, proceed to [PATH B]. other than proceed to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [PATH B]------------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: Once you nail downd both option preceding(prenominal), combine red vaccine with the blue vaccine. Now get back to the clock tower. along the way you will encounter a lot of enemy. Once you enter the main hold room of the hospital, a short scene follow. You only have 7 seconds to leave the hospital. Get out from there! [FMV sequence]: Enjoy! Continue your way back to Jill. Along the way youll encounter Nemesis, just ignore him and run away. Once youre back to Jill, watch a short chat between Jill and Carlos. After the scene, get rear our weapon and anything your pick up. virtually importantly get the lockpick. Get out from there. In the piano room, Nemesis will appear, just avoid him and run away or you can fight him. Exit the dining room. pull in all your way to outside of the hospital. Once youre there, use the lockpick on the locked door in the optic of the place. Enter the door into the save room. Get the gate key from the wall. Prepare monolithic weapon as along the way you capacity encounter Hunter. induce along the gate key and exit the save room. Use the gate key on the gate to your right. Enter the gate. You now in the main garden. Take the right path the go down the stairs. Go through the duo over here and enter a door. Now go before and pick up a key from the dead man. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Now go back to the main garden, and enter the door on the west of the main garden. Go straight to pick up several green herbs and blue herbs if you alike to. Look for a machine that controlling the water. You superpower quest to get down the water and look for a instance to drain the water. Heres the sequence on solving the puzzle, move the drab first, white, black, white, black, black. This will drain the water. Now get down the ladder. Go all your way and climb the ladder up to the interment ground. Go through the burial site and enter a door. In the room, get the lighter objurgate and get the metal squall from the closet. Now use the lighter on the fireplace, and metal shout in sequence. Get in the fireplace. In there, get the gate key. Get out from there and you might meet Nicholai again, depending on your develop in the game. Now get ready your weapons and ammo, including herbs. Go out the room and go preceding. [FMV sequence]: Enjoy! Its that enemy you met previously before activating the cable car! Kill it! This is sooner difficult to kill, use the sultry rounds with the grenade launcher to kill it. Check out miscellaneous section on how to get window pane rounds. You can waste time running slightly until a scene is shown. Shoot the light poles near the water area. The electricity will kill it! Once the enemy is dead, go back to the east of the main garden. Go all your way and use the gate key to unlocked the door. Enter the door and go straight to a keep going. Nemesis appear again. [CONDITION]-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st option: Push Nemesis off the bridge (refer to [C6-1]) 2nd option: Jump off the bridge (refer to [C6-2]) [C6-1]: Jill will push Nemesis off the bridge and run into the door in front of the bridge. From here go forward and enter a door, theres only one door brotherly for the moment. Proceed to [PATH A]. Use the multi-purpose key on the locked door. Enter the door. Get the fifth map near where you exit and get the administration key near the console. Go forward and take the elevator to go down. Beware of massive enemy along the way! Exit the room with fetor pool. Go down and go all your way through the tunnel. Climb and go forward to enter the save room. Proceed to [PATH B]. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... [C6-2]: Jill will jump off the bridge and climb from the river. Climb and go forward to climb a ladder. Youll end up in a tunnel, climb and go forward to enter the save room. Proceed to [PATH B]. Go right for now and get the 5th map near the door and the corpse near the console, and enter the door. After you exit, watch the scene (2nd option ONLY). Proceed to [PATH A]. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [CONDITION]---------------------------------------------------------- [PATH A]----------------------------------------------------------------------- You entered the save room and short scene follow (1st option ONLY). Get the multi-purpose key from the cabinet. Go through the door and enter the steam room. You need to activate between the button to ON/ off the steams, in order to get through to the machine. Its easy here, try it! Once you get to the machine, activate it to disable something (maybe gas) beyond a room, which you will be shown. Now exit steam room, and exit the save room. [RETURN]. ---End of [PATH A]------------------------------------------------------------- [PATH B]----------------------------------------------------------------------- From the save room, get an item from the blue light spot and enter the water control room. Check out the machine behind the control room, use the item from the blue light spot. Now another puzzle that is random. Youll see a sample on the f number screen. Theres three part ranges from A to C, each with a particular line shown. Navigate between left or right for each one to make the final result look on the button the same as the sample. This is a technique on how to solve this puzzle, first set a condition by looking for the non-line(s), and the level(s) of each line in the sample. Navigate left or right to let each of them to meet the above condition, eventually youll be able to solve it. This is confusing. Once you resolved the puzzle, you will disable something from the room, which youll be shown. Now get out from there and go through the tunnel and enter a room with stink pool. Take the elevator up. [RETURN]. ---End of [PATH B]------------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: If youre interested on getting extra weapon, go to water control room and use the multi-purpose key on the machine beside the water control machine. Get back the sheet multi-purpose key. Bring along the system record book. Go to the fully opened door near the elevator on the 2nd floor. Go through your way, you might come to a short scene depending on your overture in the game. Use the system disk on a device on the wall. Watch for a scene. Prepare for a massive fight with Nemesis! Once you beat Nemesis, the umbrella card will drop off from a dead body, pick it up. Use it on the device near the locked door. Exit the door. [FMV sequence]: Enjoy! Short inwardness is stipulation on projectile is ready to launch. If youre interested on getting extra weapon, get to the steam room and use umbrella card on the elevator. Go down peck some weapon round and go forward and use the check into multi-purpose key to open the locked safe. Get rocket launcher. Get to the locked shutter outside the save room on the 2nd floor. Use the umbrella card on the shutter. Now go through the way and enter the intercourse room. In here theres scene depending on how your progress through the game. The scenes is discuss in the following: [1st SCENE]: Short after you enter the communicating room, Carlos will call you up through the communication device, youll be going through short confabulation and Jill will take the radio detection and ranging on the communication device. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... [2nd SCENE]: Short after you take the radar on the communication device, moves around and Nicholai will appear and Jill and Nicholai will having a short conversation. [CONDITION FOR 2ND SCENE ONLY]------------------------------------------------- 1st option: Talk to Nicholai (refer to [C7-1]) 2nd option: Fight Nicholai (refer to [C7-2]) [C7-1]: Jill will having long conversation with Nicholai, and Nicholai will drive the helicopter away and escapes. Carlos will appear after this. Try to get down the ladder behind the communication device. Short scene follow. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... [C7-2]: You get control of Jill, lead the helicopter until the helicopter lose control and fall down, and explodes! Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [CONDITION FOR 2ND SCENE ONLY]--------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: Go down the ladder in the communication room. Get whatever you need in the storage box because youre going to confront the rifle BOSS. Dont bother to take anything, as I call the last boss is the easiest among Bio risk of infection series. Go through all the way where zombies lying around and exit the door. Go through your way and enter the door. Youll find an old friend in the room, hes dead beside the train. Now go activate the machine next to the big rail gun. It will check everything, the battery is out! By sequence, push forward the battery 1 (Nemesis appear for the last time!), battery 2, and battery 3 into something (device?). cartroad gun will now fully activated, and for a short while, the rail gun will charged and shoot, but in only one direction. entice Nemesis to the position where the rail gun is shooting at. permit the rail gun to shoot Nemesis for a couple of time (1 shoot is possible) to kill it. abandon the room. [CONDITION]-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st option: Kill it (refer to [C8-1]) 2nd option: Leave (refer to [C8-2]) [C8-1]: Jill will kill Nemesis. Leave the room. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... [C8-2]: Jill automatically leave the room. Proceed to [CONTINUE] below... ---End of [CONDITION]---------------------------------------------------------- [CONTINUE]: Activate the elevator to go down. Go forward from there. Refer to [FMV sequence]. [FMV sequence]: Theres two slightly different endings. Enjoy the show! **End of Walkthrough** 06. Secret ---------- Theres lot of sequestered in Bio Hazard 3 that might be easier to get comparison to Bio Hazard 1 or 2, because you will get the obscure after you civilization the game despite your rank, depending a little on your progress along finishing the game. Secret is obtained somehow establish on your rank upon completing the game. The amount of secret get is depend on the rank, for instance the amount of extra costumes. For everytime you finish a game, you will get an epilogue, which comes in sequence. Dont worry, you will get an epilogue that is different everytime you finish the game. In other words, you need to complete the game 8 times to get all the epilogue. Whew! Ill list out the secret that you can obtain in this game: 01. old-hat(p) key (used to open a locked door near where you first got the map) 02. 5 extra costumes: a. Jills law of nature logical (from Bio Hazard 1) b. natural law equal with short table c. obtain clothes (white in color) d. Combat uniform (black in color) e. Regina uniform from Dino Crisis 03. Mercenaries game (something like the extra game from Bio Hazard 2 Dual alarm Version) 04. 3 unlimited weapons (which is obtain by presentacting mercenaries game) 05. immeasurable bullets (which is obtain by fiting mercenaries game) perfect secret: 11 07. Mercenaries Game -------------------- Theres no walkthrough explaining how to get to a point here, I only provide elemental guide in this section. First of all, you can choose three someone from the following: i. Carlos Equipment: -Machine gun (100%) -Desert eagle (15) - handguns bullets (105) -3 advance heal herbs (including circle poison) ii. Mikhail Equipment: -Rocket launcher (8) -Shotgun (7) -Shotgun shells (28) -Magnum -Magnums round (24) -1 advance healing herb (including band poison) iii. Nicholai Equipment: -Handgun (15) -Knife -1 blue herb -3 first precaution disperseing Each one of them has their own worry, which obviously Mikhail is the easiest among them. This part of game is not that easy where you just need to get to the hind end end point, but you still can complete this game by just only cope to the destination. In order to get more income when you arrive at the destination, you are required to save civilian including your members (Mikhail, Carlos, and Nicholai). Theres some compulsion on the time to save a person. For example the game requires you to come to a place (which has civilian) in a nominal requirement of time. If you cant fulfil the condition, the civilian will die there! I only nib that in order to save Brad, you required minimum of 0.50.00 to be able to save him. differently Brad will die below the restaurant. Ill list the location who and where the civilians/ members is: No. Person office -------------------------------------------------------------- 01. round out guy Gas station 02. newborn girl newsprint office 03. Brad Below the restaurant 04. Policemen Sub station 05. ???? gross sales office 06. ???? Pub shop Total civilians: 6 The twenty percent and sixth person depends on who youre controlling. It could be either Carlos, Mikhail or Nicholai. For example if you choose Mikhail, the person is Carlos. Saving civilians/ members will at present effect your grade and income. The income is approximately 1000 nonnegative if you complete the game with saving all the civilians/ members. In order to get grade A, you will need to save all the civilians/ members and arrive at the target destination for approximately 1:30:00 plus. Once everytime you save a civilian you will receives a reward such as bullets, or first charge spraying. I still dont contend whether theres grade S in mercenaries game. 08. Rank/ Grade --------------- The following rank is only for baloney mode despite its difficulty (heavy or light). In other words, mercenaries game is not cover here. I dont have incisively condition on how the rank is obtain, the following is only my laying claim: Rank Condition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E Might not know (or game over) D pick up game over 03:30:00 hrs plus (maybe 04:00:00), over 20 saves C bump off game under 03:30:00 hrs, under 20 saves B Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs, under 10 saves A Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs, supreme 3 saves, no use of F. serve dot S Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs, no save, no use of F. Aid Spray I assume that using unlimited weapon will NOT affect your rank. only I assume using first aid spray (even 1 time) will like a shot affect your rank. Rank S might only exist in Bio Hazard 3, and resident Evil 3 might dont have this rank. Ok, I cant exactly lists out the condition but heres my result for your reference: besides Unlimited No. of tomboy Time used apply Rank Difficulty Weapon(s) F. Aid Spray ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st play 05:57:00 27 D forbidding No No 2nd play 03:57:00 4 B wispy No No 3rd play 02:36:36 3 A effectual No No fourth play 02:27:23 2 A bowed down(p) No No 5th play 02:34:19 0 S solemn Yes No 6th play 02:37:00 0 S Heavy Yes No Well, good luck!! 09. Miscellaneous ----------------- -Everytime you drubbing Nemesis, he will left an item. Heres the item that comes in sequence: a. Eagle part I b. Eagle part II c. transmit of first aid spray d. tops(p) shotgun part I e. Super shotgun part II f. Pack of first aid spray -Gunpowder mixing: Powder verbal description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Handgun bullets B Shotgun shells C Grenade rounds A + C fire rounds B + C Acid rounds C + C frappe rounds C + C + C Magnum rounds (Note: To get powder C, combine A and B) 10. About --------- Author: Rann Yong telecommunicate: 11. Special Thanks ------------------ -Obviously Capcom! This great rocks! Capcom has once again amend their development! -People who wrote faqs! 12. disavowal -------------- This faq is for ain use, which cant be sold. If youre going to use this faq in your webpage or website, you can always ask for authors authorization to do so. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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